CapRock Services

CapRock Services

CapRock Global Solutions’ core focus is on incremental improvements and achieving the next level of sustainable performance and productivity gains.


Time and Motion Studies

CapRock's proprietary time study
approach can be applied to any industry or operation. For Example:
• Reduce labor and resource costs

• Understand labor time,cost, and other resource requirements

• Identify staffing requirements and
work schedules


Business & Operations Assessment

Optimize your key resources: People, Process, Systems, Equipment, Layout, and more.


Lean Six Sigma Consulting and Training

Through the application of Lean and Six Sigma organizations transform labor-related activities to become more efficient and repeatable with reduced errors and rework


Healthcare Solutions

CapRock solutions provides our clients with productivity, cost savings, performance improvement, comparative data and analysis focused on workflow, layout, Lean six sigma, systems, labor, products, customer requirements and automation.



We create custom training packages that focuses on the information, knowledge and tools needed to achieve your objectives. We also provide training utilizing specific material we have developed and then tailor the program to your organization.


Software Tools

Our workflow and data analysis engine provides the basis to deliver customizable solutions that are affordable, scalable and can be delivered quickly to market for your team.


Best Practices

Keeping up to date with ‘best practice’ and leveraging our years of industry experience to plug in good ideas, technology changes and gain valuable input from our team to deploy best practices in the most challenging of environments.


Engineered Labor Standards Performance Standards

Our objective of performance standards (or Engineered Labor Standards) are to provide our clients with objective performance measurement data and tools to lower costs, increase reliability and productivity.


Layout and Design Optimization

Layout design and optimization will improve workflow, material handling costs, improve throughput, maximize space, and reduce labor costs.


Project Management

CapRock deliver superior project management and business management consulting services. Our project management services support business needs across a broad range of industries.


Performance and Productivity Improvement Consulting

CapRock develops methods and solutions to improve performance for organizations across a wide range of industries.